Sampling from Data - Module 5

This module currently contains four activities.

Sampling Cats investigates four common types of sampling techniques.

Loading the Sampler - Tutorial
This tutorial showcases how to move data from Data Cards to the Sampler. This allows the user to make inferences from a sample to a parent population.

Mean Body Fat
This activity develops the sample distribution of the means for the attribute Body Fat. Enjoy!

New Zealand Students Inference Tutorial
Common Core State Standards >> Mathematics >> 7.SP.1 [What is the effect of the sample size?]
Learning Objective: In this lesson students will draw samples from a single population and explore the effect of sample size.

Fish Length is a lesson developed by Key Curriculum. This lesson introduces the concept of making a claim about two populations based on random sampling.

The mean of the population is mu. The standard deviation of the population is the called sigma.
The mean of the random sample is called x-bar. The standard deviation of the random sample is called s.