May 2017

So far, five activities have been transitioned to CODAP Common Online Data Analysis Platform
Tall Buildings
Hot Dogs
Typical Cats
Mammals (sample project)
Domestic House Cats - TinkerPlots Data Set

When working in a CODAP document, be sure to save the file locally to your computer or to a Google Drive folder. The embedded document will reset and your work will not be saved.
The following data sets provide the opportunity to explore relationships between different types of data.
U.S. Presidents - CODAP

Census 2000 DATA - CODAP
US Data from an IPUMS Census from the University of Minnesota.

States and Education - CODAP
Explore this data gathered from the Minnesota Population Center about the United States. What do you notice about the education levels within each state?
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Math Forum (TinkerPlots and Fathom)

Hi. My name is Kathy Shafer and I have been teaching high school and college level mathematics since 1984.
Favorite technologies include Fathom, Tinkerplots, Geometer's Sketchpad, Geogebra, Terrapin Logo, Green Globs, Spreadsheets and SketchUp.