June 2017

TinkerPlots Wiki Feature Page: Normal Distribution

Common Online Data Analysis Program (CODAP) is a product of The Concord Consortium. Check out these example documents. Many of the features are similar to TinkerPlots and more tools are in development. The Getting Started information and the Forums are great resources, so check them out.

When working in a CODAP document, be sure to save the file locally to your computer or to a Google Drive folder. When sharing a document, be sure to obtain the link through the main menu (do not copy and paste the url from the browser bar).


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Hi. My name is Kathy Shafer and I have been teaching high school and college level mathematics since 1984.
Favorite technologies include Fathom, Tinkerplots, Geometer's Sketchpad, Geogebra, Terrapin Logo, Green Globs, Spreadsheets and SketchUp.