TinkerPlots-Math: Purpose

This series of activities was written for use with middle grade students through adult learners. The activities are specifically scaffolded to introduce TinkerPlots and the relevant mathematics in a “just in time” teaching model. The purpose of the activities is to facilitate an understanding of the why behind the mathematics through guided exploration and practice. Each activity is correlated with a learning objective(s). Activities are designed to be completed in 25 minutes (on average).

What sets TinkerPlots apart from other statistics programs?

The way in which the data is dynamically linked between the data cards, a table, and various graphical display options called plots. Drag and drop features allow the user to quickly create and interpret various plots. Other unique features include the ability to easily import data from an Internet site into TinkerPlots data cards. Engage your students with real world data sets! Official TinkerPlots Website


TinkerPlots-Math: Primary Audience

This series of introductory lessons is sequenced to introduce the participant (teacher, parent or student) to TinkerPlots Dynamic Data Exploration. Lessons can be duplicated and used by classroom teachers or parents. Teachers making substantial improvements or additions to the lessons are encouraged to become a member of the Wiki. Teachers wanting to contribute additional lessons or projects are also encouraged to join this Wiki. Note that the lessons are copyrighted under the Creative Commons License and cannot be used in commercial ventures.

Graduate Course

I will be teaching MATH 623 - Data Analysis and Probability (for teachers) online again in summer 2017 at Ball State University. This is an online course that will be set up in an asynchronous format. Graduate students must have access to a reliable Internet provider and have a headset for use in "live" class sessions for small group discussions and office hours. Success in MATH 623 depends on graded homework, quizzes, readings, journal entries and a two hour final. Audit or completion grades are not an option. For more information, contact me at kgshafer @ bsu.edu for more information.

TinkerPlots-Math: Collaboration

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Background Experience

My first experience with dynamic statistics software was with Fathom (V1). In 2002, I designed a college level course that used both Fathom and Excel. I began teaching statistics with TinkerPlots (V1) in 2009. From 2007 to 2012 I moderated a number of the Key Curriculum online courses (Fathom and TinkerPlots) and produced nine TinkerPlots Webinars from August to December 2012.

Updated: June 2016