Bar Graphs: Sample Problems on Bar Graph Class Intervals

The learning objective is to experiment with different class sizes to find the "best" presentation of a data set from a given point of view. You may use a technology of your choice. Google Sheets is suggested. A few tutorials are listed below the activity.

Link to Google Doc you may copy

The activity can be found under resources on the "Instructor" tab Shodor Interactivate Bar Graph

Sample Solutions - Created in a Google Spreadsheet

Shodor Discussion - I like this short conversation between a student and teacher.

How to make Bar Charts in Google Sheets
DB How to Create a Bar Graph | Google Docs Tutorial (1:09)

Making a Simple Bar Graph Using Google Sheets 2 (Maria Boulmetis) (6:49)
I like her discussion of the vertical scale.

Bar Graphs and Histograms using GeoGebra (Penelope Templeton) 8:27 – first half is a bar graph

Google Spreadsheets Chart Colors (Academic Technology at Keene State College) 1:45
I wondered how to do this. Now I know.
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