Activities - Updated July, 2017

Stopping Distances
In this activity you will investigate the breaking distances for two types of sedans at 30 mph. This activity was completed in TinkerPlots (GeoGebra information is shared).

DASL Hot Dog Data In this activity, you will compare numeric data using parallel dot plots for three different types of hot dogs (meat, beef and poultry). You will be introduced to CODAP.

Cats in the Hat
In this TinkerPlots activity you will be challenged to change the weights of various cats without changing five number summary values. The data set includes information on 24 cats. The activity was originally completed in TinkerPlots but has been extended to use GeoGebra (screencast and data set are available). This activity was also completed in a CODAP document.

Analyzing Box Plots in Desmos: A classroom activity
This activity provides an excellent introduction to box plots. Students can drag points in the dot plot and watch the corresponding affect in the dot plot. Sometimes dragging a point will change a value in the five-number-sumary and sometimes it won't! Challenge problems are posed.

Dinosaur Outliers?
This video explains how to estimate the position of the upper fence so the learner can determine if a point is an outlier or not. This is completed in TinkerPlots with the drag tool per a discussion with a teacher back in 2013.