TinkerPlots - Math and Nature
Learning Objective: Introduce Tinkerplots as a tool to explore and understand data (and the underlying mathematics).
You will be assigned to a team of three learners.
Open the "Eagle Migration" file from the TinkerPlots Sample Documents Folder [Science and Nature].
Read what is in this file, play around with the graph and slider. Look at the data cards (you can pull down a table from the tool shelf).

What do you know about this eagle?

What do you want to know about her migration path?



Latitude and Longitude

Would an online applet be helpful?
Can you plot and record the flight path of the Eagle in Google Earth?


Did your team answer the questions about Eagle F#43?
How did your answers compare to the other groups?
How would you calculate distance on Earth, without the applet?
What is a "great circle" and why is this important?
[Welcome to Spherical Geometry.]

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