Fathom Lesson Overview

This Fathom-Math page contains a series of six introductory lessons written for use with students in algebra. The lessons are specifically sequenced to introduce Fathom and the relevant mathematics in a “just in time” teaching model. The purpose of the lessons is to facilitate an understanding of the why behind the mathematics through guided exploration and practice. Lessons can be completed in 45 minutes (on average).
What sets Fathom apart from other statistics programs? The way in which the data is dynamically linked between the collection, table, and graphs. Drag and drop features allow the user to quickly create and interpret various data displays. Other unique features include the ability to easily import data from an Internet site into a Fathom collection. Engage your students with real world data sets!

This series of activities from the Fathom Tours (found in the help menu) or selected sources provide an excellent introduction to Fathom Dynamic Data Software (some might not available at this time).

Complete the six activities in the order listed on this page.
1. Fathom Help | Tour One: Exploring Data - Census at Schools
"In this tour, you'll use Fathom to start exploring the data. You'll learn how to navigate around Fathom and how to make and use graphs."

Fathom Help Menu.png

2. Fathom Help | Tour Two: Data and Prediction - Arm Span
"This tour focuses on relationships between numeric data and linearity. Do taller people have bigger wrists? how is height related to arm span or other kinds of bone-length measurements? Which measurements allow us to best predict someone's arm span?

3. Summary Measures - Census at School
Exploring Statistics with Fathom (KCP, 2007)
This lesson reviews topics of center and spread for a give data set.
external image CensusAtSchool.ftm?h=40&w=200
external image Summary%20Measures-CensusAtSchool.pdf?h=40&w=200

4. Fathom Help | Tour Five: Generating Mathematics - Change Playground
"This tour also focuses on using formulas to define new attributes, but this time we'll work in a purely mathematical context, experimenting with change and how to calculate change using Fathom's prev function."

5. On the Road Again
This lesson can be found in Key Curriculum training materials.
external image On_The_Road_Again.pdf?h=40&w=200

6. Fathom Help | Tour 3 - Importing US Census Microdata
When completing this lesson, use different attributes than what is shown in the tour.

Suggested Reading**
Read "On Getting More and Better Data to the Classroom" by William Finzer, Tim Erickson, Kirk Swenson, Matthew Litwin. This group of gentlemen developed Fathom.