Mammals - Slope [TinkerPlots]
The goal of the mammals slope activity is to develop the concept of slope by looking at the differences between the attributes height and sleep for 27 mammals. The horizontal and vertical ruler tool are used to calculate differences and a case table is used to compute rates of change.

Cats - Slope and Residuals
This TinkerPlots activity includes the analysis of a scatterplot of body length versus weight for 24 cats, estimating slope, use the y_hat equation to predict the body length for a given weight, use a residual value to predict the body length for a given weight, and indentify an influential point.

Video Link - How to create a residual plot

MPG versus Car Weight
This tutorial takes advantage of some of the statistical functions available in TinkerPlots. This is a bit more advanced in nature. The goal is to make connections between the given data, predicted values and residuals. The context is a set of 16 cars.
Cars Predicted.png

Practice finding a line of best
Temperature & Baseball

Project 2 Sample Documents - in CODAP
Sample Projects 2: olympics, baskeball, male data and dinosaurs - in TinkerPlots