updated June 2017

The mean of the population is mu. The standard deviation of the population is sigma.
The mean of the random sample is x-bar. The standard deviation of the random sample is s.

Sampling Cats investigates three common types of sampling techniques - Random, Stratified and Systematic.

Loading the Sampler - Tutorial
This tutorial showcases how to move data from Data Cards to the Sampler. This allows the user to make inferences from a sample to a parent population.

Mean Body Fat
This activity develops the sample distribution of the means for the attribute Body Fat. Enjoy!

New Zealand Students Inference Tutorial
Common Core State Standards >> Mathematics >> 7.SP.1 [What is the effect of the sample size?]
Learning Objective: In this lesson students will draw samples from a single population and explore the effect of sample size.

Fish Length is a lesson developed by Key Curriculum. This lesson introduces the concept of making a claim about two populations based on random sampling.

CODAP - Sampling Cats
A slider and random digit generator are uses to draw random samples from the population of cats.