Time Series Plots are used to investigate data over time intervals.
The units of measure for the independent variable are typically hours, days, months or years.
CCSS - 8.SP.1 and 8.SP.2

TinkerPlots Activities

Men and Women at the Olympics (Key Curriculum) introduces a categorical variable (gender) so comparisons can be made between males and females in the 100-Meter Dash, 200-Meter Dash, High Jump or Long Jump.

Oil Production Over Time introduces the line graph tool to connect the points and slider tool to watch the line graph change over time.

CODAP Activities

The Future of Climate Change
How can we better understand and project future climate changes?
The graph shows global average temperature change relative to a 1986–2005 average.
Animate (or drag) the slider to see four "emissions pathways" emerge.
Each pathway shows projections of temperature change averaged over a range of climate models: low emissions, medium emissions, medium-high emissions, and high emissions. In the model, high emissions assumes that greenhouse gas emissions will continue to rise in this century. Low emission" assumes that greenhouse gases will peak from 2010–2020, declining after.

Compound Interest
Case table shows a model of a savings account. [Three sliders control InitialInvestment, InterestRate, PeriodsPerYear]

Cereal Production
The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates that cereals supply 51 percent of Calories and 47 percent of protein in the average diet. This data set explores the total annual cereal production from 1991 to 2014. In developed and industrialized countries, cereal crops are usually machine-harvested.
In this data set, a cereal is a grass composed of the endosperm, germ, and bran. Some examples include corn, wheat, and rice.

More sample documents can be found here

Common Uses of Sliders - TinkerPlots Help

Here we describe a few possible uses of sliders in TinkerPlots. The folder Data and Demos / Sports and Entertainment includes several TinkerPlots files that use sliders in various ways. As you'll see in those documents, sliders are easy to use once they have been created. But useful sliders are not so easy to set up in the first place. Thus sliders are not things that students themselves should in general be figuring out how to construct. Rather, they are resources for teachers and curriculum designers to use in creating data sets and activities for students.